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What is a keloid?
A keloid is a type of scar which extends beyond the area of the original skin injury.

Who gets keloids?
Keloids are most common in young black adults.

What causes keloids?
It tends to run in families and can occur following acne, surgery or other skin injury.

There is usually a problem with the mechanisms in the skin that keep the scarring process in check. As a result, scarring continues uncontrolled.

What are the symptoms of a keloid?
Some have no symptoms, while others may pain, itch or burn.

What does a keloid look like?
It resembles an exaggerated scar which extends beyond the original wound. It tends to be shiny, rubbery and hairless, and it can be red, pale, dark or skin coloured. Keloids commonly occur on ears, chest, shoulder, face or back.



How are keloids treated?
Treatments are usually combined to reduce the chance of keloids recurring.

Treatment options include:

  • Topical/Injectable steroids
  • Silicone bandages
  • Pressure bandaging
  • Laser
  • Surgery (+/- radiotherapy)
  • Newer experimental therapies

How can I prevent keloids?
If one is at risk of keloids, one can help prevent keloids by avoiding tattoos, body piercing, skin surgery and treating acne vigorously.




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