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What is Melasma?
Melasma is a common skin problem which results in brown patches on the face.


Who gets Melasma?
It is most common in adult women particularly Indians, Asians, Hispanics and Africans.

What causes Melasma?
The exact cause is unknown. Heredity plays a role and the disorder can be triggered by pregnany, oral contraceptives and ultraviolet light exposure.

What does Melasma look like?
Brown patches usually occur on both sides of the face, especially on the cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead and above the upper lip.

How can Melasma be treated?
There is no cure for this condition although it may go away after pregnancy. Sun protection is important and a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or more should be used every day and re-applied after sweating or water exposure. Birth control pills should be avoided if possible. A number of pigment suppressing creams (prescription and non-prescription) are available. Procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser therapy can be done to help improve melasma. Some patients may opt for cosmetic cover creams instead. Consult your Dermatologist to find out which options are best for you.




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