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                                                                                 INCHES GONE
                                                    Body Contouring and Weight loss Programme

Dermatology Solutions Skin Clinic and Medi-Spa is pleased to exclusively offer the advanced, state of the art Inches Gone Body Contouring and Weight Loss programme! It is an extremely safe, non-surgical, pain-free treatment which does not involve needles! It uses a patented safe micro-current technology which melts fat cells, tones muscles, improves blood flow and lymphatic flow all at the same time. Visible results can be seen in skin tightening, muscle toning, inch loss, fat and cellulite reduction, lifting sagging areas and improved biological processes! It's like having a workout while lying down! AND IT REALLY WORKS!

Legs and Buttocks Sculpting: Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, scarring and dimpling with this relaxing treatment. The best procedure for cellulite is finally here! See benefits in skin tightening, lift sagging areas, muscle toning, hydration and overall appearance of the skin.

Stomach and Back Sculpting: Tighten and tone the stomach and love handles with this treatment designed to sculpt your waist line. See a reduction measured in inches and dress sizes. This is a great treatment for post pregnancy issues!

Arm Sculpting: Experience a relaxing treatment resulting in sleeker arms. Flabby arms are toned and tightened while seeing improvements in sagging and loose skin!

A series of twice weekly treatments will produce cumulative and profound results!

Experience a relaxing treatment and see why Vogue magazine calls it the "Miracle Machine"

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An assessment of your medical history and treatment goals is done during the consultation before starting a series of treatments. Measurements are taken before and after treatments to help monitor your progress. Even after one treatment, many persons may see a visible and measurable difference. With additional treatments, progressive loss of inches is usually experienced.

Some persons may respond at different rates based on their age, genetics, hormones, and lifestyle (diet, exercise, alcohol, smoking etc.). The recommended body contouring series consists of twice weekly treatments for 5 weeks (so one series consists of ten treatments). Additional series may be required for patients who are significantly overweight, based on their treatment goals.

It is very important for you to maintain a HEALTHY DIET and drink LOTS OF WATER before and after treatments for best results. A low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein diet, rich in vegetables is ideal. A consultation with our Nutritionist is recommended to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. The results can be obtained and maintained by continuing with a healthy diet and regular exercise during and after your body contouring series.

                     Immediately BEFORE                                  Immediately AFTER ONE Treatment

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